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returning soon!
Look for FactoryOne products to return soon.  
We had to step away for a while but are in the middle of bringing to market new product to meet the demands of the serious racer.  Products like our FactoryOne Ultra Bushings and more.  

Many racers ran FactoryOne Ultra Bushings and we have had a great following. I would like to thank every racer who tried our product in the past.  While I can't say what we are working on I can say we will again have the Ultra bushings.   

As for a timeline I can say right now is keep checking back... 

Thank You
John Bolten

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What Racers are Saying about FactoryOne Ultra Bushings.

"Just built my shocks with the New FactoryOne bushings. Ridiculous how smooth these things are.".....Mack V.

"It was amazing how it smoothes the car out and just made it feel plush! I noticed a lot of difference when coming through the sweeper and how much more "in the track" the car felt!!"......Brandon W

"With my shocks I could only get one low 26s lap and only one.  I switched to your shocks and ran about 3/4 of a pack and all the laps were low 26's and high 25's, all within a second or less of one another, one after another."

"First Qualifier is in the books and my shocks are phenomenal! My car has never felt suspended as good as it is with the Ultra Bushings installed.. They are the answer to making the AE Big Bores work!!!".....Eli Westrup

"They are a MUST HAVE for the AE Big Bores"..... Bubba Boggs
B4.2 / B4.1 +8 Chassis protectors in stock now!
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