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In 2012 we introduced our first FactoryOne product.  The CNC machined Ultra Bushing shock kits for the small bore AE shocks.  We developed a good following as racers were amazed at the difference they made on the track.  We followed that up with the FactoryOne Ultra Bushing shock kit for the AE V1 Big Bores along with other products. In March 2014 for personal reasons I had to step away from selling and developing product.  

We are back with two new CNC Machined Ultra Bushing shock kits.  One for the TLR 22 series cars and one for the AE 5 series cars.  

If you are looking for the extra edge on the track give the FactoryOne Ultra Shock Bushings a try. You won't regret it!   

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B4.2 / B4.1 +8 Chassis protectors in stock now!
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FactoryOne Ultra Shock Bushing Kits for the TLR 22 series cars available NOW! 
Better shock performance for better track performance!
FactoryOne Ultra Shock Bushing Kits
For the AE 5 series cars available NOW! 
Factory1 Pit Detail Brush, a must have for keeping your race machine looking good!!